A digital twin model for capturing, monitoring, analysing and forecasting real-time COVID19 virus infections.

COVID-19 Smart City Case Study 1 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and Luxembourg
COVID-19 Smart City Case Study 2 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and Luxembourg
We offer an immersive decision support tool built to deliver powerful COVID-19 analytics:
  • Interactive monitoring and informed decision-making through a web interface;
  • Promoting co-simulation of COVID-19 scenarios and events
  • Predicting future COVID-19 infection scenarios;
  • Recommendation of COVID-19 optimisation strategies
  • Moving away from lockdown and health-aware strategies for citizens;
  • Identification of zones of risks for COVID-19;
  • Real-time intelligence for managing cities and regions;
  • Citizens as active agents in the COVID-19 landscape;
  • Pervasive intelligence at the level of users, spaces, buildings, streets, cities and regions.

COVID-19 cases in Cardiff


COVID-19 / 100K people


COVID-19 digital twin technical specifications:

Powered by IoT

Our vision is centred around the concept of a dynamic and self-updatable digital conceptualization of a physical artefacts that fully exploits pervasive sensing technologies for COVID-19 events.

Powered by Semantics

These digital technologies will help maintain a dynamic representation necessary to provide real-time monitoring and analytics of risk events. We use semantics to make correlations between different COVID-19 events within a city or region. We use sensing and data capturing techniques to collect real-time COVID-19 events from a user level, to a building level and to a city level scaling to a region and country level.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Cities and districts in the context of COVID-19 stand at the forefront of safety objectives, leading to the need of operational healthcare improvement through intelligent solutions underpinned by AI and machine learning. We rely on a repository of AI algorithms which allow risk forecasting and mitigation for COVID-19 events.

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