Transport in Cardiff is currently dominated by private car journeys. This creates challenges for the city around carbon emissions, congestion and health. Getting transport right can help make Cardiff a safer, healthier, more prosperous, cleaner and greener city. It’s clear we need to change the way transport works in the city, with the aim of making it as easy as possible to leave your car at home with sustainable transport options that are accessible to everyone.

Recognising the need to achieve this modal shift Cardiff is a Welsh Government designated Sustainable Travel City. We’ve introduced the Cardiff Car Club so households can save money and carbon through getting rid of the second car; created Park and Ride facilities in the East, West and South of the city; implemented bus priority measures; developed a strategic cycle network plan for the city; opened the Pont y Werin bridge completing the 10km circular Bay Trail and improving the active travel links between Penarth and Cardiff; and introduced, with South Wales Police, a SMART City hub which helps to better monitor and manage transport movement across the city.

Although this is good progress there is still need to do more. As the city grows we’ll ensure that we build sustainable neighbourhoods and build continual improvements to networks to offer realistic sustainable and active travel choices. The delivery plan gives further details of projects in place and under development to achieve this modal shift.

One Planet: Transport 1 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and Luxembourg