Wales has a reputation for having lots of water, but we need to ensure that we use this natural resource wisely. One big challenge, and a big opportunity, will be how we make the most of this resource, to develop new ways of supplying water, treating water, making energy from water, ensuring water security, and of course, preparing for too much water in the form of flash flooding and rising sea levels, creating a water sensitive city in all ways.

Coastal and river basin cities, like Cardiff, must respond to the threat of flooding. Through our Local Development Plan and associated Flood Strategy we’re looking at the potential threat posed by flooding over the next 100 years, which is shaping our thinking on flood prevention projects and on where houses should be built and businesses based in the future.

In Cardiff Bay we have developed innovative approaches to water quality, biodiversity, oxygenation and managing pollution and litter that are amongst the best in the world.

We are also exploring how the Taff, Ely, Rhymney and Cardiff Bay barrage could be used to generate energy. With the Severn Estuary with the world’s second largest tidal range and many inlet rivers on our doorstep, the years ahead could see Cardiff become one of the world’s most important cities for water and energy. We will continue to work with other authorities and business around the Severn Estuary to optimise these opportunities, whilst ensuring that any such opportunities take account of and protect this internationally recognised wildlife site.

Water is a resource we can all collect and use more wisely. Cardiff will work with partners to optimise water as a resource, to support sustainable drainage and development schemes as well as supporting residents

to do more in their homes for grey water use. Cardiff Council is offering discounted water butts for households to collect their own water. Used in this way water for watering the garden or washing the car is not only more sustainable but also a free resource.

A number of projects are underway or developing on flood risk management, water energy generation, and sustainable drainage schemes which are included in the delivery plan.

One Planet: Water 1 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and Luxembourg