6,122,475 kWh

1,824,710 kWh in Electricity
4,297,764 kWh in Gas

Average 9,110 kWh per hour

2,398,441 kg Carbon impact

1,289,489 kg for Electricity
1,108,951 kg for Gas



CUSP – Smart City Solution implemented for Cardiff and Luxembourg

One Planet: Energy

One Planet: Waste

One Planet: Transport

One Planet: Transport

One Planet: Water

One Planet: Place

Discover the main features of CUSP

An immersive decision support tool built to deliver powerful urban analytics:

– Interactive monitoring and informed decision making through a web interface
– Promoting co-simulation across disciplines
– Predicting future scenarios
– Moving towards a sustainable future
– Decarbonising the built environment
– Intelligence at the edge
– Citizens as active agents in the city landscape
– Pervasive Urban Intelligence

Taking the IoT to the next level

Our vision is centred around the concept of a dynamic and self-updatable digital conceptualization of a building that fully exploits pervasive sensing technologies.

Underpinned by semantics

These digital technologies will help maintain a dynamic representation of a building necessary to provide real-time building performance (including energy) accounts.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Cities and districts stand at the forefront of sustainability objectives, leading to the need of operational efficiency improvement through intelligent management solutions.


Your Opportunity to Rethink Your City with a Smart City Solution!