CUSP (the Computational Urban Sustainability Platform) is designed to optimise energy consumption, with the ultimate goal of steering you towards reaching Net Zero. Featuring an immersive 3D Digital Twin explorer, coupled with highly interactive data visualisations, CUSP provides the essential tools to gain a deeper, more intuitive insight into energy profiles and reduce the overall consumption of your facility.

Taking the IoT to the next level

The vision of CUSP is centred around the concept of a dynamic and self-updatable digital conceptualisation of a building that fully exploits pervasive sensing technologies.

Underpinned by Semantics

CUSP embeds these digital technologies, helping maintain a dynamic representation of a building necessary to provide real-time building performance accounts, including energy.

Powered by AI

Cities and districts stand at the forefront of sustainability objectives, leading to the need of improving operational efficiency through Artificial Intelligence solutions, also embedded at the core of CUSP.

Why Net Zero?

With surging prices of energy and fossil fuels, coupled with ever-increasing awareness of the climate crisis, the push towards Net Zero is becoming essential for all industries. Governments around the globe are implementing changes to legislation to force a reduction in emissions. Understanding your energy usage is key to achieving Net Zero – and CUSP provides an innovative and accessible solution.

‘What-If’ Scenarios

CUSP enables you to create various scenarios for your buildings, that will allow you to make informed decisions on whether potential actions will give benefit and to what extent. These scenarios simulate results for future operations of the building, showing impact of changes over time


CUSP provides users with various unique built-in services, each designed to optimise, visualise or predict parameters within your buildings The most notable services include:

Energy Simulation Service

Create and manipulate bespoke energy models to forecast energy usage

Prediction Service

Predict future data for various components of your buildings, floors, or spaces

Optimisation Service

Optimise components within your building based on Energy Simulation data and fine-tuneable machine learning models

Actuation Service

Reduce valuable time & resources spent on administrative processes using CUSP automation manager


484 591

Current Population

6 122 475 kWh

1 824 710 kWh in Electricity
4 297 764 kWh in Gas

9,110 kWh

Average Every Hour

2,398,441 kg

Carbon Emissions


CUSP is Your Opportunity to Rethink Your City!

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