EMTE (Etxebarri, Spain) 1 CUSP (Computational Urban Sustainability Platform)

The EMTE Etxebarri Bilbao (Spain) pilot has two swimming pools and a multisport indoor court. The local generation of energy is provided by solar photovoltaic and solar thermal panels.

The EMTE pilot currently adopts a fixed schedule executed by a local BMS for renovation. The aim of EMTE water heating scenario was to maximise the usage of installed solar thermal energy to heat water used in the adult swimming pool.



The optimisation rules in the EMTE scenario:
  1. When the water temperature in the solar tank is favourable, the water will be used to supply the swimming pool and ACS (hot sanitary water tank) when the temperature there drops below the required set point.
  2. The 5 % renovation of water (about 20 m3 of water in EMTE adult swimming pool) can be achieved every 24 hours. In order to meet this requirement, the water flow going into the swimming pool needs to be checked (for renovation) daily between 8 AM to 10 PM.
Facilities covered:
  • Adult Pool (indoor) size: 25m x 12,5m, depth: 1,65 to 2,10,
    Capacity: 578 m3
  • Children Pool (indoor) size: 12,5m x 6 m, depth: 0,98 to 1,1m,
    Capacity: 75 m3
  • Multiport Court (Indoor, for Basketball, Football, Rhythm Gimnastic, Handball, etc.)
  • Stands with more than 1.400 seats
  • Weight room (14 x 14,85 m)
  • Multipurpose room (5 rooms)
  • Indoor Cycling room (8,60 x6,70 m)
  • Yoga room
  • Paddle courts (2 indoor)
  • Tennis courts with bleachers (2 courts)
  • Football court with bleachers (45,50 x35 m)
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Sauna-Solarium

Electrical energy savings:


Thermal energy savings:


CO2 emission reduction:

EMTE (Etxebarri, Spain) 2 CUSP (Computational Urban Sustainability Platform)

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