Becoming One Planet Cardiff is all about making sure that Cardiff is an enterprising, prosperous, healthy, happy, clean and green city in the future. It’s about making sure that Cardiff will be an even better place to live in 2050 than it already is now.

To get there:

  • We’ll aim for Cardiff to become a world-renowned centre for sustainable thinking and doing
  • We’ll build on our many relationships with academia, interest groups and innovative businesses to help inform our decisions and projects
  • We’ll make it as easy as possible for you to make changes to your home which will save energy, money, create jobs and lower our collective footprint
  • We’ll make it as easy as possible to reuse, reduce and recycle the waste we produce which will save the city energy, lower our footprint and help us to avoid hefty fines from the European Union
  • We’ll make it as easy as possible to leave your car at home and get around the city sustainably
  • We’ll design the growth of the city with sustainability built in as a first principle
  • We’ll make it as easy as possible to access information on sustainability issues so that you can make better informed choices

Above all, becoming One Planet Cardiff will be about responding to the big challenges and grasping the big opportunities of the 21st Century.

This will require new solutions to be invented, designed and tested, which in turn will require talent, imagination, enterprise and invention. Cities don’t have these qualities, people do – and these are qualities the people of Cardiff have in abundance. The people who make smart, sustainable lifestyle choices and achieve positive behavioural change are the people who’ll make a difference to the city.

In short, becoming One Planet Cardiff will rely on us all becoming One Planet People.

For further information on sustainable development issues please contact:

Sustainable Development Unit Cardiff Council
County Hall

CF10 4UW

Tel: 029 2087 3228 / 3234

One Planet: People 1 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and Luxembourg