Sustainable communities will be at the heart of our approach to One Planet Cardiff. Cardiff is famous for its vibrant communities and strong sense of place. It’s these places that need to evolve to meet the key challenges in meeting our One Planet Cardiff aspiration.

One Planet: Live

Cardiff is set to grow. The city is projecting a population increase of around 20% over the next 15 years. A Local Development Plan is being prepared to plan how the city grows which responds to key sustainability factors. A growing population will mean the creation of new houses and new communities which will be designed and built to the highest sustainability standards, and be connected to the city via active and sustainable transport choices. But this isn’t just about new communities, it’s about ensuring that the services people need are locally available and to every community across the city.

One Planet: Work

We will work with local businesses to make their operations as green as possible, as well as encouraging the production of sustainable products and services. A large part of the city centre has been declared an enterprise zone. This is an opportunity to masterplan a high-density commercial development avoiding the out of town business park approach, incentivising the development of sustainable buildings and maximising the potential of great sustainable transport links to a wide catchment area.

One Planet: Play

Cardiff is a green city. It has more green space per person within the settlement boundary than any of the other major British cities, plus easy access to green space even in the city centre. The city contains a vast network of Rights of Way that include the Taff, Ely and Rhymney River Trails and the Wales Coast Path. Access to good quality open space is beneficial to our resident’s physical and mental wellbeing – it also supports a wide array of biodiversity and provides green corridors around the city. We’ll be making sure that this thinking is continued in all our new developments and masterplans across the city.

One Planet: Place 1 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and Luxembourg