One Planet: Waste 1 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and LuxembourgBy 2050 Cardiff aims to be a Zero Waste City. This is more than an aspiration; by 2025 the Welsh Government has set a target that 70% of household waste must be recycled or composted.

These are challenging targets. But they’re ones that we’re on course to hit. Our early aim is to maximise the amount of waste which can be reused, recycled or composted. Over the last 10 years the recycling and composting rate of household waste in Cardiff has risen from 4% to 52%. We’re on target to exceed 52% recycling in 2013/14 and will continue to adjust and amend strategies to deliver the highest targets, reduce waste and optimise waste as a resource overall.

To achieve these targets so far we’ve changed our collection patterns with food waste and green bag recycling picked up weekly, and black bag and bin collections every other week. Much has been achieved, however the low hanging fruit have been taken and more must be done. We need to push forward waste reduction, optimise reuse, maximise recycling and avoid disposal; alongside changing people’s habits, and changing business activity in a way that will help reduce business cost. Our One Planet Cardiff ambition will require continual review and drive to progress our waste reduction targets.

The delivery plan will continue to describe that achieved and those additional changes needed to truly become a Zero Waste City by 2050.

One Planet: Waste 2 CUSP - Smart City Solution for Cardiff and Luxembourg